Corporate Giveaways

Wall Calendars are the perfect year-end gift to your business partners. 

Whether at home or in the office, wall calendars provide a click-free way to keep track of important events.

Increase Brand Awareness with Custom Designed Wall Calendars
Custom designed Wall calendars not only allow business people to track important meetings and events but also represent a great tool for brand exposure. When used as free giveaways to potential clients and suppliers, these calendars provide a cheap and effective way to advertise a company’s goods and services. Being items of daily reference, they ensure that clients see a representation of a brand everyday, boosting exposure.

URC Flour 2022 Wall Calendar copy

Types of Calendar Binding / Hanging Options


Eyelet calendar

Aluminum Calendar Slide

Aluminum Calendar Slide

Double Loop Wire w/ Hanger

Double Loop Wire with Hanger

Types of Wall Calendars

Poster Calendar

Poster Calendars

  • Single sheet - all 12 months are located in a single page.
  • Various paper types are available.
  • Hung by eyelet or aluminum slide.
  • Available Sizes: 11x17 inches, 17x22 inches, 15x21 inches,.

11 x 17 inches

  • Full color print, 1 side only
  • 1 sheet
  • C2S 180# / 270 gsm
  • Aluminum Calendar Slide
  • UV Glossy finish
100 pcs Php 8,500.00
200 pcs Php 10,000.00
300 pcs Php 11,550.00
400 pcs Php 12,800.00
500 pcs Php 14,000.00
1,000 pcs Php 20,000.00
2,000 pcs Php 30,000.00

15 x 21 inches

  • Full color print, 1 side only
  • 1 sheet
  • Foldcote 12
  • Aluminum Calendar Slide
  • UV Glossy finish
100 pcs Php 9,500.00
200 pcs Php 11,000.00
300 pcs Php 12,600.00
400 pcs Php 14,000.00
500 pcs Php 16,000.00
1,000 pcs Php 22,000.00
2,000 pcs Php 35,000.00

17 x 22 inches

  • Full color print, 1 side only
  • 1 sheet
  • C2S 180# / 270 gsm
  • Aluminum Calendar Slide
  • UV Glossy finish
100 pcs Php 11,500.00
200 pcs Php 13,600.00
300 pcs Php 16,500.00
400 pcs Php 18,000.00
500 pcs Php 20,000.00
1,000 pcs Php 30,000.00
2,000 pcs Php 50,000.00

Does your poster calendar have different specifications?

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Poster Calendar with Monthly Sheets

  • Single sheet base with monthly sheets that can be torn off.
  • Hung by eyelet or aluminum slide.
  • Poster Base Size: 15x21 inches, 18x24 inches; Monthly Leaves Size: 15x4 inches or 18x4 inches
National Dairy Authority Wall Calendar 2

Foldable Calendars

  • Multiple sheets - bound by staples or double loop wire.
  • Hung by eyelet, cord or double loop wire with hanger.
  • Sizes: a) 12x9 inches (folded), 12x18 inches (spread); b) 18x12 inches (folded), 18x24 inches (spread)
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Multiple Sheets Calendars

  • Multiple sheets - bound by aluminum strips or double loop wire.
  • Hung by aluminum strips or double loop wire with hanger.
  • Sizes: 12x18 inches, 15x21 inches, 18x24 inches
Special Offer Free Layout and Delivery

For orders booked before the end of October, lay-out of calendar is free. Customer will just need to provide logos, product pictures and text. Free delivery within Metro Manila, but we also deliver nationwide using LBC (additional charges will apply).

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Desk Calendars

  • Portrait or Landscape Options
  • 7 or 13 monthly sheets
  • Board Type or Case Hardbound Type Standee

Commercial Calendars

  • Available Sizes: 8.5x14 inches, 11x17 inches, 17x22 inches, 22x34 inches
  • 6, 7, 12 and 13 sheets variations

Desk Top Calendars

  • Choose from premade or fully customized variation
  • Two sizes: 11 x 8.5 inches or 17 x 11 inches 
  • 12 or 13 sheets
  • For premade: One color or Full color ad space variations
  • Comes with plastic holder backing with or without plastic cover

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